Using WS2812 leds in ZigZag formation: example of scrolling text not working

I am trying to understand how scrolling text works
my layout is 6hX16w totaling 96 ws2812 leds. I have all the random color changing working with out issue, just the examples of matrix s are not working

#include <FastLED.h>

#include "C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\LEDMatrix\LEDMatrix.h"
#include "C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\TextScroller\TextScroller.h"
#include <FontMatrise.h>

// Change the next 6 defines to match your matrix type and size

#define LED_PIN        2
#define COLOR_ORDER    GRB
#define CHIPSET        WS2812B

#define MATRIX_WIDTH   68
#define MATRIX_HEIGHT  7


cTextScroller ScrollingMsg;
#define MESSAGE_WIDTH   68
#define MESSAGE_Y       0

const unsigned char TxtDemo[] = { EFFECT_SCROLL_LEFT "            LEFT SCROLL "
                                  EFFECT_SCROLL_RIGHT "            LLORCS THGIR"
                                  EFFECT_SCROLL_DOWN "            SCROLL DOWN             SCROLL DOWN            " EFFECT_FRAME_RATE "\x04" " SCROLL DOWN            " EFFECT_FRAME_RATE "\x00" " "
                                  EFFECT_SCROLL_UP "             SCROLL UP               SCROLL UP             " EFFECT_FRAME_RATE "\x04" "  SCROLL UP             " EFFECT_FRAME_RATE "\x00" " "
                                  EFFECT_CHAR_UP EFFECT_SCROLL_LEFT "            UP"
                                  EFFECT_CHAR_RIGHT "  RIGHT"
                                  EFFECT_CHAR_DOWN "  DOWN"
                                  EFFECT_CHAR_LEFT "  LEFT"
                                  EFFECT_HSV_CV "\x00\xff\xff\x40\xff\xff" EFFECT_CHAR_UP "           HSV_CV 00-40"
                                  EFFECT_HSV_CH "\x00\xff\xff\x40\xff\xff" "    HSV_CH 00-40"
                                  EFFECT_HSV_AV "\x00\xff\xff\x40\xff\xff" "    HSV_AV 00-40"
                                  EFFECT_HSV_AH "\x00\xff\xff\xff\xff\xff" "    HSV_AH 00-FF"
                                  "           " EFFECT_HSV "\x00\xff\xff" "R" EFFECT_HSV "\x20\xff\xff" "A" EFFECT_HSV "\x40\xff\xff" "I" EFFECT_HSV "\x60\xff\xff" "N" EFFECT_HSV "\xe0\xff\xff" "B" EFFECT_HSV "\xc0\xff\xff" "O"
                                  EFFECT_HSV "\xa0\xff\xff" "W" EFFECT_HSV "\x80\xff\xff" "S " EFFECT_DELAY_FRAMES "\x00\x96" EFFECT_RGB "\xff\xff\xff" };

void setup()
  FastLED.addLeds<CHIPSET, LED_PIN, COLOR_ORDER>(leds[0], leds.Size());

  ScrollingMsg.Init(&leds, MESSAGE_WIDTH, MESSAGE_HEIGHT, 0, MESSAGE_Y);
  ScrollingMsg.SetText((unsigned char *)TxtDemo, sizeof(TxtDemo) - 1);
  ScrollingMsg.SetTextColrOptions(COLR_RGB | COLR_SINGLE, 0xff, 0x00, 0xff);

void loop()
  if (ScrollingMsg.UpdateText() == -1)
    ScrollingMsg.SetText((unsigned char *)TxtDemo, sizeof(TxtDemo) - 1);

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-g++ -c -g -Os -Wall -fno-exceptions -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -mmcu=atmega328p -DF_CPU=16000000L -MMD -DUSB_VID=null -DUSB_PID=null -DARDUINO=106 -IC:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino -IC:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\variants\standard -IC:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\FastLED -IC:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TextScroller -IC:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\FastLED\utility C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\FastLED\FastLED.cpp

In file included from C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TextScroller\TextScroller.cpp:11:
C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\FastLED/FastLED.h:11:2: warning: #warning FastLED version 3.000.002 (Not really a warning, just telling you here.)
C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TextScroller\TextScroller.cpp:12:23: warning: LEDMatrix.h: No such file or directory
In file included from C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TextScroller\TextScroller.cpp:13:
C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TextScroller/TextScroller.h:69: error: ‘cLEDMatrixBase’ has not been declared
More errors deleted to make room…

You should not be installing third-party libraries under Program Files... You should install them under your user account. Re-start the IDE so it recognizes the libraries.

Don't put the full path in your #include lines. Just put the file name and let the IDE find the file in your libraries directory.

With luck the problems will be fixed when you get the libraries in the right place.

:grinning: Thanks, I deleted all the libraries from the program file, reinstall the arduino application. now works