Using Xbee Pro S3B without shield

Hello everyone. I have two Xbee Pro modules. I need to send data from sensors to other Xbee module. I want to use those modules without using a shield. I configured Xbee modules API[2] mode and I tested in XCTU. I can send and recieve frame with Transmit Request succesfully in XCTU.

I connected one Xbee’s TX to Arduino’s RX (pin 10 ,SoftwareSerial) and Arduino’s TX(pin 11,SoftwareSerial) to Xbee’s RX with a bidirectional logic converter and I connected other Xbee module to my PC with PL2303 USB TTL converter.

When I try send data with Coordinator Xbee in Arduino Nano I don’t see any data in XCTU.

Can I use Xbees without a shield or Do I need to buy a shield?

There are my test code,connection and configuration settings below. If you say what is wrong or what should I do, I will be very happy and very thanksful to you.

Arduino 3.3V <==> XBee 3.3V
Arduino GND <==> XBee GND
Arduino TX(pin11) <==> XBee DIN (or RX)
Arduino RX(pin10) <==> XBee DOUT (or TX)

#include <XBee.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

// Define SoftwareSerial TX/RX pins
#define ssRX 10
#define ssTX 11
SoftwareSerial nss = SoftwareSerial(ssRX, ssTX);

//Create an XBee object
XBee xbee;

//Define the Destination address of the packets
XBeeAddress64 destaddress = XBeeAddress64(0x0013A200, 0x4191195E);

char Hello = “Hello World\n”;

void setup()

//We hook the XBee into the Software Serial

Serial.println(“Goodnight moon!”);

void loop() // run over and over
Serial.println(“in the loop”);
ZBTxRequest zbtx = ZBTxRequest(destaddress, (uint8_t *)Hello, strlen(Hello));

Can I use Xbees without a shield

If you connect all the required pins, yes. You need to connect RX and TX, to get data to and from the radio, and you need to connect power and ground, to power the radio.

I think everything is okay but my coordinator Xbee doesn’t send any data, so I dont see any data in XCTU. Is my code wrong or my configuration settings wrong?

but my coordinator Xbee doesn't send any data

Why should it? How do you know it isn't sending any data?

A coordinator is generally a receiver, receiving data from routers and end devices.

or my configuration settings wrong?

Your pictures do not show whether the XBees are in AT mode or API mode. They do not show what baud rate they are communicating at.

Since you have just two radios, and they are configured to talk to each other ONLY, there is no point in adding the complexity of the XBee library. Use AT mode, and use the SoftwareSerial instance to talk to/read from the XBee directly. Let it handle getting data to the other XBee.

If the code you posted is running on an Arduino, with XBee connected to it, and the other XBee is not on an Arduino, but is connected directly to the PC, then the XBee on the Arduino should not be the coordinator. It should be a router or end device.

The one at the PC should be the coordinator.

I tried everything but it was same. I bought a shield and included my project. Shield works succesfully but this means I have to change all my project design. Anyway my project and Xbees works. Thanks for your help.