Using Xbee Series 2

I want to send 4 lines of digital data from one XBee (series 2) to another. I am NOT using a microcontroller. How do I proceed? Basically the XBees are being used just to remove the wires.

I could configure 1 Xbee as Digital Input pins. Now if only there was a way to mirror the value 1 have on say Pin 1 on the Pin 1 of the other XBee.

More info about my project: I have a temp sensor and then I am usinga quad-comparator to get digital values in 4 lines. These 4 lines will be fed into a fpga kit that will then generate a PWM signal based on the input.

Please help me guys! I need it to finish this quickly!

The XBee 802.15.4 modules (f.k.a Series 1) have an "I/O Line Passing" functionality that is absent on the XBee ZB modules (f.k.a. Series 2).


Thank you!

Look out for the IC settings and LOW settings they seem to be confusing