Using Xbee Sleep mode to power-down sensors

Just getting started on Xbee with remote temperature sensor project. Have looked at Digi's documentation but can't find an answer to this question:

I realize that in Sleep the Xbee radio uses only about 10 uA. But my voltage reference and analog temp. sensor (TMP36) together may draw 300 uA. So...can I set an Xbee digital pin to be always High and then use this to power voltage ref and sensor? This table from Xbee documentation:

AT Command: ATD5
Parameter Configuration
0 Disabled
1 Associated Indicator
3 DI
4 DO low
5 DO high

I'm concerned that mode 5 is just setting the polarity of the digital output.

Any suggestions gladly taken!

Just reporting back on my own post. I've figured out that Xbee pin 13
ON / !SLEEP "Module Status Indicator" is what I was seeking. When the Xbee is sleeping this pin is off - so components connected to it (in my case, precision voltage reference and temperature sensor) consume no power. When Xbee comes out of sleep (I'm using sleep mode 4 - Cyclic Sleep), those components get power typically within 20mV or so of Vcc.