Using Yun´s ethernet port to provide wired internet signal.

Hi all

I have been trying to use my yun´s ethernet port as if the yun was a router.

I have my yun connected to my house wifi and was expecting to find internet signal if I connect a cable to the ethernet port and then a Desktop PC to it.

But no luck.

Then I went to Luci advanced section and found the bridging options between wifi and eth1 Selected them, applied them and now my yun seems bricked.

I was hoping that using the port was easy as openwrt is for routers

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Here is where I bridged the yun.

It is not bricked, but now it cannot connect to my wifi and only shows itself as a wifi network like when it was brand new

The place I was trying to enable the ethernet port to share the yun´s internet signal was in luci´s advanced section, under Network/interfaces/lan/common configuration/physical settings:

There I checked the bridge interfaces box and below that at the interface section I checked Wireless and eth1 adapter

but it did not work.

Please advice.

Thank you

Even in the worst case, if you can access the linux prompt via YunSerialMonitor, you can reset the yun to its factory settings, if pressing the button for more than 30 seconds doesn't work.

Anyway, setting up a router is quite an advanced topic. You should google around and look for support on openwrt forums.

Exactly where I'm stuck too. Trying to hook yun ethernet port up to be served a dhcp address from an existing gateway/router and then use that to hook up (bridge? route?) the local yun wireless to the gateway on (or whatever dhcp net address provided) for internet access and local cross-network routings

I set up bridging on an interface at one stage and think that set the arduino wireless as same network, which I dont want as I want to be able to id by ip address which interface is on which wireless access point so I want two different subnets. Also I want wireless on YUN to work just as a private wireless access point if dhcp ethernet cable is not plugged in or removed

seems some oddities on whether settings get applied using the LUCI interface front page. A restart seems to reset network name/wpa-key which is odd... works from advanced config pages but you have to do a save and apply

Also missing a good guide to what all the network related parameters in LUCI actually do. Had a quick look at openWRT site but couldnt find a good summary guide there either, guess its back to basics and understand the syntax of the linux config files.... unless someone on here has done this already or knows an alternative.

OK, so bit more testing, and if you set up a bridge on the WAN interface, it works, BUT it makes all addresses allocated by connecting to the YUN wireless in the same range as the router you are connected to over ethernet. (I guess routing fails if you unplug the internet router/gateway)

so if your router on YUN ethernet port is then any connection over wireless to YUN gets an address in that range, (i.e. presumably allocated by the router as it shows up in the router table.

now if you set up the Bridge on the LAN interface, all kinds of weirdness, the ethernet connected router showed in the router table, and then lost it and other stuff.... one oddity was that youd get the luci please wait screen, but that was all.... ssh into yun would lock rather than quick fail as well... also you could get to google if I recall correctly... but not luci...

so I'm sure its possible to have the YUN allocating wireless adresses in the range and bridge/route all those to an ethernet connected router on another subnet... (i.e. perhaps its also firewall settings???

any help appreciated.