Using ZTerm to Interact with Zigbee Doesn't Work


i can’t get a system response (feedback) from any zigbee (series 1 or series 2) when i attempt to enter command mode from zterm. i’m using an arduino mini and the usb stamp programmer (versions 02 and 03). the only way i can enter command mode is by writing an arduino program full of serial.print() functions.

my connections on the usb stamp programmer 03, are:

arduino stamp programmer xbee
TX <--------------------> TX
RX <--------------------> RX
RTS <--------------------> RTX
DTR <--------------------> DTR
i’ve also tried the “screen” command from the terminal, but to no avail.

anyone else have this problem?


Did you try crossing the RX and TX lines? You want the arduino to receive what the xbee transmits and vice versa, no?

thanks for your reply.

there were actually two problems in what i was doing: one in hardware and one in syntax.

the hardware issue had to do with the TX/RX connections. in my original post, i listed my pin mappings incorrectly. i noted connecting

arduino stamp programmer xbee
TX <------------------> TX
RX <------------------> RX

when in fact i had done

arduino stamp programmer xbee
TX <------------------> RX
RX <------------------> TX

if i had actually connected TX on the stamp programmer to TX on the xbee and RX on the stamp programmer to RX on the xbee, i never would have had a problem to begin with.

regarding the syntax problem, i was making the idiotic mistake of typing “+++” on the keyboard, then following that string with the enter key. i didn’t realize that one simply types “+++” on the keyboard without the enter key, then waits for the xbee to respond with an “OK”.

again, thanks a million for your response.