UTFT Buttons


Has anyone written a multi-screen application using the Henning Karlsen UTFT libraries? Here's the setup;

  • Mega2560
  • SainSmart TFT 3.2
  • Henning Karlsen drivers (UTFT, UTFT_Buttons, Utouch)

I'm trying to write a somewhat simple app that has 3-4 screens with multiple buttons each. I'm an experienced .NET and C++ developer, so I'm not much of a n00b to programming, but am new to Arduino.

Here's where I'm struggling:

  1. There is no concept of Forms or pages (I understand with CPLD screens support "pages", though)
  2. There is no 'HIDE' buttons event. You have to create all buttons up front during the setup (5 buttons per screen X 3 screens = 15 buttons to create up-front). Once created, they exists and you can only disable or delete them.

Anyone have any suggestions on how you actually use this library to create useful, Windows-like functionality?

Be happy to share code (there's lot's of it) and discuss in further details.