UTFT compatible Touch screen

Hi. So a while a go I bought a touch screen for the arduino and I was sent a broken one but never received a replacement that I was promised. And now I got to test one that we have in school that uses the rinky dinky electronics UTFT library which is awesome since it has built in buttons. No have any of you bought a display that definitely works with this library? I'm looking for a 3 inch + display available in Europe. I know I'm asking for a lot but it's worth a shot

A list of suppliers, displays and drivers comes with the library. Other displays can work but are not tested. If they use a listed driver IC, I imagine the chances of them working are good. It is even possible to get displays that are claimed to work with it but either don't or take quite a bit of persuading. Use the list. If Henning Karlsen says it's kosher, it most likely is.