UTFT library modifying for serial


I'm trying to use a TFT screen using the UTFT library on an Arduino Mega while at the same time using serial communication with a computer, with varying success. I'm currently using pins D0-7 and A0-5 because those are the only ones that have worked for me, despite sources saying there are other pins you can use with the Mega. Because I use pin D0-1 for the screen, it doesn't work using serial comms with the computer at the same time.

I was wondering if anyone has ever modified the UTFT library to use any of the Mega's other serial pins, freeing up pin D0-1 for the computer serials. Googling and looking through the library myself has yielded no results.

Data sheet for the screen can be found here.

Thank you.

From a software perspective, yes, you can remap UTFT to use any pin(s) desired on a Mega. But your display hardware only supports the use of the Uno interface of D0 through D13 and A0.

How do you plan to reconfigure the hardware to free up D0 and D1?

BTW, UTFT by default uses the pins as defined by the standard Mega TFT shields - but this configuration is not compatible with an Uno format display. As mentioned, you can remap the pins used but you’ll most likely take a hit on write speeds since the Mega default pinout uses direct port access, writing bytes - rather than bit by bit when your addressing is across multiple ports.