UTFT library reading SD card without reference to its pins

Hello everyone and thanks for your trouble,

I am using a 16 bit QR4 5521S01

(bought it from: http://www.digibay.in/3-2in-tft-lcd-board-240x320-w-sd-slot-touch-panel)

touchscreen graphical LCD with a SSD1289

(datasheet: http://www.digibay.in/documents/TFT_LCD_Controller-SSD1289_datasheet.pdf )

display controller and a XPT2046

(datasheet: http://www.digibay.in/documents/Touch_Screen_Controller_XPT2046.pdf)

touchscreen controller. It has a SPI controlled SD card interface. There is a library called UTFT_tinyFAT

(Electronics - Henning Karlsen)

which uses the UTFT library
(Electronics - Henning Karlsen)

to take data from the SD card and display the .raw file. However it is just using the UTFT object and not the SD SPI pins. The UTFT object is also not taking the SPI pins. Does anyone know how the UTFT_tinyFAT library actually does this without the SPI?

Any help will be very greatly appreciated!

Quick notice - the UTFT_tinyFAT library uses the tinyFAT

(Electronics - Henning Karlsen)

library. It has some specific pin numbers except for SS. In order for the UTFT_tinyFAT object to know that, it needs to have a refernce to the tinyFAT object. But it does not take the reference. How does it take the bitmaps?

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