Hi, i am try to port UTFT driver for marlin fw 3d printer. This fw uses old monochrome u8glib driver. I have 320x480 tft rm68140 16-bit parallel connected through FSMC to stm32f1. With moded u8glib that lcd work good, but i want to integrate full graphic with UTFT. Main problem is how to wire it with current fw system. I look into utft defines and it uses sbi, cbi to manipulate with pins. I have no idea, how to write LCD_write_bus and lcd fast_fill_16 routines. There are no examples for it and i cant find any in google. For turning driving signal high, low there is fastio_STM32F1.h with functions to set gpio. There are also dma channel, which uses some functions:
void LCD_IO_Init(uint8_t cs, uint8_t rs);
void LCD_IO_WriteData(uint16_t RegValue);
void LCD_IO_WriteReg(uint16_t Reg);
uint32_t LCD_IO_ReadData(uint16_t RegValue, uint8_t ReadSize);
void LCD_IO_WriteMultiple(uint16_t data, uint32_t count);
void LCD_IO_WriteSequence(uint16_t *data, uint16_t length);

But still have no idea, how should look routines fast_fill and writ_bus for UTFT.