UTFT Ver 2.0

I found this this morning: NEW UTFT 2.0 Library.
Released about 10:00 AM PST 1/21/2013, Has support for Arduino, Arduino ARM and ChipKit Uno and Max32.
Partial release notes:
2.0 21 Jan 2013 - added support for Arduino Due and Arduino Leonardo
added support for the “AquaLEDSource All in One Super Screw Shield” on chipKit Max32
added support for more display modules
fixed a bug in printNumF()
optimized drawLine()
optimized 16bit data transfer
optimized some 8bit data transfer
added option to use pre-defined RGB565 values with setColor(), setBackColor() and fillScr()
added functions getColor(), getBackColor(), getFont(), getFontXsize() and getFontYsize()
added 16 VGA standard colors as pre-defined color literal
rearranged the manual to keep related functions grouped together


At http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/


Center of the Page. File size is 1,279.4KB, UTFT 1.0X is 649 KB


Anyone gotten this to work with the Leonardo? With UTFT 2.01 and Arduino 1.04, the Leonardo example code compiles to around 37k.

Tried Arduino versions 1.01 through 1.03 on a different Windows PC. Still will not fit. Getting between 37,758 and 37,804 (of a 28,672 max)

Eh, nevermind.. Noob/RTFM issue. Who thought you'd need to read the preface (hint: edit the memorysaver.h file.)