Utility for Cadsoft Eagle - global text attribute changer

:o I like using Eagle to design small PCB’s but it’s a royal pain when it comes to resizing text and making the ratios all the same. This is especially true if using public libraries as they all have different “standards”. The PCB starts off looking like a royal mess and spending hours “cleaning up” seems totally needless.

I wanted to simply make all text on my PCB “vector”, “0.032”, “center-left” and a ratio of “10%”. As a bonus I wanted “>Name” and “>Value” on the appropriate tNames, bNames, tValues, bValues layer.

I mucked around with a ULP script but it had bugs.

Ended up making a utility in VB.NET that works great. Decided to clean it right up, make some options and publish it.

One PCB I have has 30+ labels for pins and it took < second for the utility to standardise all the attributes. Also means if I want to change the size again later it only takes seconds to do it.

A few screen shots :-

Can be found at :-

NOTE - Won’t make any changes unless “write” is checked, original file is always aged (backed up) in the same directory if changes are written.

Open to suggestions that can make it better, more flexible etc. Operates on the XML code the files are saved as. Works on .BRD, .SCH and .LBR.

Hey Hoek,

don´t have any idea to make it easyer. Did you contact support with youre issue. I think some things will change now that EAGLE is part of autodesk, maybe check the section Support & learning too: http://www.autodesk.com/products/eagle/overview

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New version (1.1) out soon... better workflow, cleaner interface and Only .LBR and .SCH can be selected. However if .SCH is selected there must be a similar .BRD as both will be processed with the same parameters and they will stay in sync.

Have used this on a few projects now and it has saved hours of trying to get the aesthetics of the board all standardised.

I have Eagle 7.6 and have no intention of upgrading so this is a good option for myself and maybe other people who are happy where they are with Eagle and would rather not have to move.