Utility to customize windows explorer?


I’m looking for a way to customize windows explorer. I want to be able to tell quickly if I’m browsing a local drive or if it is a network drive without having to read the address bar. I’d like w.explorer to change background color, or some other kind of change, when I browse drives on the network. Is there a utility that could allow me to add such a dynamic feature?


Why are you asking here when there are many Windows forums and newsgroups that will be able to give you an answer?

Why not ditch Microsoft windows Explorer for something else?
If fact, why don't you ditch Microsoft Windows altogether ?, I did years ago now and haven't looked back :stuck_out_tongue:


I just did not want to register on another forum yet again to ask a question.

I'm used to windows exploder.

As far as ditching windows, I will once the drivers for my devices are available for Linux and when it becomes easier to use, kinda like windoze.

Why do you need it to change the back ground when you have navigated to the network folder, face it you got there on your own steam, just try not to forget where you are.

If you do not want to show the address bar, go into 'folder options', click the 'view' tab and check the option: 'Display the full path in the title bar'.

Now the address is shown at the top of the window, and more importantly, if you have your task bar setup to show text (mine is just icons for open apps), the path is visible there too. It may be truncated, however you can see the what drive the path starts in (hover over taskbar button for full path in tooltip).

Or expose your whole PC through the network, then its simple as everything is a network folder :P.