Utilizing Hayes command set with the Nano 33 BLE SENSE

Hi everybody.
First time posting here so apologize if this doesn't belong here or the format is incorrect. I have some programming skill but still need more practice. I am working on a project that connects the Nano 33 BLE SENSE with a Bluno Beetle (Bluno_Beetle_SKU_DFR0339-DFRobot) using BLE. The Bluno Beetle uses Hayes command set to connect to other devices. The Bluno Beetle doen't require a library to connect to other devices so I dont have an idea to get them to communicate with one another. So I have a couple of questions regarding my issue.

  1. Does the Nano 33 BLE SENSE use Hayes command set? If so, can someone provide a link that I can study?
  2. If the Nano 33 BLE SENSE doesn't use Hayes command set, what procedure is recommended to connect them together?

Any help/advice/recommendation would be appreciated

Welcome to the forum

The Arduino Nano 33 BLE, BLE Sense and IoT use the ArduinoBLE library to use the BLE functionality. The library is quite easy to use and comes with a couple of examples for client and peripheral side.

On the peripheral side all you need to do is specify a service and characteristics. Then you write or read data into the characteristics. On the client side it is not a lot more complicated. You can scan for a service and characteristic and then you can read/write or subscribe to the characteristics.

You do not need any command set. Have a look at the documentation for the library.

and the examples that come with the library.

I recommend you start with one of the peripheral examples e.g.

File -> Examples -> ArduinoBLE -> Peripheral -> BatteryMonitor

and a generic BLE app on your smartphone. I use BLE Scanner on iOS. There are many others on iOS and Android. Try to understand the source code and see whether you can identify the information and setting on the smartphone app.

Do you have any more documentation for your board? The link just shows an empty page on the dfrobot site.

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