UTouch coordinates not correct

This is perplexing to me. Things "used" to work....but now it seems like the coordinates that UTouch is returning are random. Mega board with Sainsmart shield and numerous TFT and sizes (3.2, 4.3, and 5). All libraires are up-to-date (UTFT, UTouch, UTFT_Buttons). I run the calibration program and update the UTouchCD.h file. But, when I run the sample button programs (either from the UTFT_Buttons demo or the UTouch buttons demo) the x and y coordinates are mostly return 0, -1, or 271. It recognizes my touch, but seems to be confused WHERE I'm touching. I have numerous TFT shields and Megas....all the same results.

Any ideas?????

Thanks, Scott

Yes, revert back to IDE v1.0.6!