V1.8.9 hangs installing a board

Attempting to install the STM32 board, the installation hangs at "1/3"

I've been running 1.8.9 for weeks with no issues. I'm using a BLUE Pill Board with the STM32F processor and the STM32 driver V1.5.0 Had no issues. (windows 10/64)

I saw that the board driver had been updated to 1.6.1 So I updated the IDE. Now my previously compilable file will not compile.....OK so I I went back to 1.5.0 Could not install it would hang at "Installing tools 1/3"

I deleted the STM32 package from the Arduino15 directory. No change, still would not install.

Question: Is there a known issue here? I would like to fix rather than uninstall the IDE and start all over.



Try deleting the Arduino15/staging folder and then installing the STM32 package again.

Thanks... that worked :)

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now. Enjoy! Per