v2.2 of Chinese ATtiny85 ?

I have a
JOY-IT Digispark Mini Microcontroller
and try it on the standard Arduino IDE 1.8.9
under Ubuntu. I followed the instructions at:

While uploading I got:

Warning: device with unknown new version of Micronucleus detected.
This tool doesn't know how to upload to this new device. Updates may be available.
Device reports version as: 2.2

Please plug in the device ...
Press CTRL+C to terminate the program.
Device search timed out

Under win7 it works with the Arduino IDE 1.8.9

I have no idea where to get an update for the linux driver. Do you?


Old post but ...

You have to update micronucleus binary (executable) it is older than the bootloader version.

Follow this link Kovo's blog: How to upgrade bootloader on DigiSpark

It works! Thanks noweare!