V2V (vehicle to vehicle) comms

I would like to have an, always running when on, wireless coms over about 25M in distance though standard vehicle restrictions(metal, vehicle radio, etc.)

So far I'm only aware of the DSRC protocol. I need to be able to use V2V(vehicle-to-vehicle) to
at a distance of ~100ft (25m)

  1. sync clock timing
  2. align sequences at the same time

1100 1110 0011 1100 00 | 1100 1110 0011 1100 00
where based on settings, when vehicles are within close proximity of each other to take the vehicle with the longest runtime to be the master-master.
(each vehicle is equipped with a master controller that feeds the signal to the slave units which would be the ones syncing across all vehicles in the proximity bubble.)

I'm open to other options/sugestions

Just about any radio and any decent error checking protocol is all that is required for short distance, point to point communication.

all times in close proximity

Definition, please.

I don't see a question here.
Try using complete sentences and with context.

Point to point LORA is reliable up to a few hundred meters. No fancy antenna, and the comms are well documented.

-jim lee

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How far is “25M” ?

Uppercase M = Miles.
Perhaps he meant m = meters. (39.37 inches, 100cm)

He also states this:

~100ft (25m)

So probably safe to assume 25 meters…

Again. Your question is quite vague. What are you trying to do?