Vacuum motor for Vacuum cleaner


i would like to build a vacuum cleaner using the ESP32 board. I am currently choosing the motor to run with the project using some knowledge i have from fluid mechanics.
(The ESP32 board because it has integrated wifi and bluetooth, therefore saving more space).

I have a choice between two DC Motors air vacuums. Which one do you think would correspond to a home made vacuum cleaner.I am asking this because i do not have any experience dealing with vacuum pumps and the motors will be bought from China. I would like to not make mistakes, as the delivery time is very long. )

Choice 1: (the smallest)

Choice 2: (the biggest)

Thank you.

A vacuum pump is a totally different thing to a vacuum cleaner.

Start with how much power you need. A domestic upright vacuum is usually in the range 1000Watts to 1500Watts. A little thing for vacuuming your desk will be much smaller.

Then pick a motor in that power range which suits the supply voltage you have available. If you only have 12V batteries then a 12V motor is almost mandatory. Make sure the supply can deliver more current than the motor asks for. At least 50% more. Double the current is better.

Once you've done that you will be well on your way to picking a method to control the motor and getting the Arduino to do that.

I have a choice between two DC Motors air vacuums

There is no motor data in your Original Post.

I agree with what @MorganS has said.

Plus, 1000 watts at 12v requires 83 amps.

And you need an efficient impeller to shift the air which has to be matched to the speed and power of the motor.