Vacuum pump monitor system

Noob here, I am trying to develop a vacuum monitor system for our plant, we have 63 Busch R5 vacuum pumps and I need to come up with a way to determine how long each pump runs (pulls a vacuum) and how much vacuum it is pulling while it is running.

Having some problem locating vacuum sensors (still learning about what exactly I need to measure) current sensing and real time clock should not be a problem

thinking about an arduino for each pump with a wifi shield to a pc which gather all the data

a prod in the right direction would be appreciated

Bill in SD

Do you know the pressure for the vacuum ? The sensors are getting more expensive when the measured pressure is more near 0kPa.

I just read that they can do 0.1 to 20hPa. That seems to be the absolute end pressure that can be reached. So you need a pressure (vacuum) sensor that can withstand 0.1hPa.