vacuum pump

I'm looking for an extraction system that I can control with the Arduino.
It sucks up plastic shavings. So the pump should have some power.

What can you use?


Vacuum pump, make it a domestic Vacuum Cleaner and you have your machine.

Tom... :slight_smile:

Many years ago my gave me a vacuum cleaner for car cleaning. It plugs into a cigarette lighter and runs off 12 volts. It is still on a shelf in the loft. That could be easily controlled by a suitable mosfet and controlled by your Arduino.

Much depends on the quantity and shape of your plastic shavings.


Vacuum pumps create a vacuum (ie less than 1% atmospheric pressure or less), and have very low
flow capacities usually.

"Vacuum" cleaning devices seldom generate a partial vacuum less than 80% atmospheric pressure,
and are designed to move lots of air. Better to say suction than vacuum to be clear what you are
looking for.

Industrial suction pumps will be 1 or 3 phase induction motors and need appropriate switching devices
for heavy inductive loads.

For a smaller setup a domestic vacuum cleaner could be pressed into service, they have universal motors
usually (much louder, but not as inductive and far smaller/lighter).