Vakuum ejector and arduino

Hi to all.

I have buy one vacuum ejector from German company Aventics.
Till now i have never used this product so i would need some help to connect this to arduino.

This is the product:

My goal is to use this as "vacuum pump " for one small arduino project where i need to pickup some object and replace it to nearby location. I only need help in this ejector - arduino HW connection because everything else is set.

How should i connect this ejector to arduino and to air compressor ?
I also got two cables with this product.

Any info is welcome.
Regards !

Hi Armix,

Vacuum ejector is operating at 12VDC rated @1.3W, so the current consumption @12VDC is around 108mA.

So, to control the ejector through Arduino you should control a relay.

Something like this

You can control the relay using any digital pin. At the common pin of the relay connect the external 12V power source (maybe a battery..) and the positive cable of your ejector at the Normally Open pin of the relay. That's it!!

I don't know if your equipment requires some more sophisticated control system

The cables that you are referred to I suppose that is something like a 2 core cable for power supplying?

Hi Nikosant and thank you for reply.

This ejector is running on 24V but i guess it has some working range from 12-24V.
I dont know where should i hook up air compressor nozzle ( upper part would be logical option :slight_smile: ).

Regarding the wires...
I guess that one cable is for power supply and second for control, but which is which i dont know.


This ejector is running on 24V

Typo sorry ::slight_smile:

Is this your model?

Nope :slight_smile:
Mine is this one :

Do you have its operating instructions?

The link I sent you before looks like the manual you need. Check pages 16 and 5 that describe the device. Also on page 16 the component part 5 looks like an external component but the rest of the ejector looks like yours..

Also, note that the voltage tolerance is -5%/+10%

Hi !
No, i dont have any instructions but i will recheck the link you have posted.
Hear you in day or two.


Why using a relay? That just doesn't make sense in this application. A MOSFET is faster, smaller, cheaper, more durable... in short, a far superior solution. Just about any logic level MOSFET will work for such a small motor.


  • i got one homemade solution with mosfets so this should work.

I just need to understand how to connect this ejector to my circuit and from there to arduino.

As Nikosant pointed out, there are some information's on page 5 and 16 but unfortunately not enough.
Schematics on last page shows some power supply connection but i dont know if this is it...

I mean, upper connector is for power supply and lower for control lines ?


I mean, upper connector is for power supply and lower for control lines ?

No, the lower connector is for power supply [6]. The upper connector [7] will generate a blow-off pulse in case of emergency and I suppose that this pulse is used to shut down the vacuum ejector

Thank you a lot !
I will test it today and let you know.


Everything is working fine, accept :-)...

The object has bumpy structure so the gripper does not fit 100% on surface. Do you know if its possible to use higher pressure ? At the time, am using 5 bar, but i guess that i can use at least two times more ?


Glad to hear that your device works!! Regarding your new question I am not the right person to answer :slight_smile: