Validating license failed: OAuth2 request failed: Service responded with error

Trying to upload and save via Arduino Editor using my son's account on Chromebook yields the following error message: "Validating license failed: OAuth2 request failed: Service responded with error: 'Service has been disabled for this account.'"

Notably, I don't get this error when using my own account, so presumably it has something to do with settings in Google Family Link. I have tried whitelisting (for fun) and (because another post referenced it with a similar OAuth2 error message) but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Pushed the issue upstairs.

You can also aske directly using the SUPPORT FORM.


I also have this problem - same error message and same behaviour. Chromebook works fine with Web Editor and Arduino Uno when logged in using an adult Google account, but not when using a supervised junior Google account.

Is there a fix?

Many thanks.


There is an age limit (13) for use of the web side of things.
Unfortunately these are mandated in Europe so no real way around it.


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