Vancouver Area Arduino users ??

I’m in the White Rock area of British Columbia (affectionately known as Lotus Land :wink: ) and would be interested in hearing from anybody in my area that is using Arduino’s or the equivalent. I’ve just started using an Arduino as a test project for part of a control system for an aircraft cabin simulator, which we build here. I have an interest in both H/W & S/W, and am especially looking for anybody that has been building custom shields.

Please contact me on this forum or direct through my eMail.

best, Bob…

Hi Bob
I’m not living in Vancouver at the moment but will be heading back there in January 2010. I’m new to Arduino so I wouldn’t be able to help you at all but I thought I’d let you know about the Hackspace people. Google Vancouver hackspace and you’ll find their website. There may be people there that can help.

Thanks Jen, I’ll do that. I’ve also just found that Lee’s Electronics ( on Main St. in Vancouver carry a small stock of Arduino’s, so maybe they will know of other users too.

best, Bob…

I’m in the Vancouver area. I’m fairly new to Arduino and microcontrolers, but I’ve been programming in C/C++ professionally for years.

I have a few hobby projects that I’m working on including a small robot.

Some day I’ll get around to documenting what I’ve built.

Thanks for the reply. I see that Lee’s Electronics on Main St. is now carrying a more extensive range of Arduino boards, but I’d like to find somebody local to make prototype/small runs of PCB’s.

best, Bob…

Hey all. I’m involved with the Vancouver Hack Space. We try to do at least one Arduino night a month at our Tuesday hardware nights. The next one is July 28th at 7pm. Directions and more information is on our website.
Lee’s is awesome. They are definitely the best place locally for arduino stuff. If you ask I’m pretty sure they offer pcb production, but there was a bit of a turnaround last time I checked into it.


I’m also in Vancouver, Also building a robot (mouse tracking, tank treads, ping, and few other nuts and bolts) and just started going to Vancouver Hack space.
I’m a good programmer but horrible at hardware design, but I am trying to learn.

Thanks for the heads-up on and I’ll see if I can get into town for that. I have to go Lee’s this week to pick up a bunch of stuff for our B737 cabin simulator, so I’ll ask them about PCB production.

BTW, does anybody have a recommendation for schematic design (maybe simulation?) and PCB layout s/w to run on Mac OSX ? I could also do this on Windows but having it on my MacBook will make things portable.

Regarding h/w design, half the fun is to kluge something together and see how it works !! With the simulator business we are always designing/building one-off’s, and our shop is reasonably equipped to do such. We use SolidWorks to get a design on paper (so to speak), and although it is extremely good it does not replace real engineering expertise I’m sorry to say.

SolidWorks is really overkill for a hobbyist project, and very expensive too, but I’ve found over the years it is best to get a design established as early as possible and then evolve form there. That generally stops uttering “duh !!” many times when you find out you’ve forgotten something. I’m sure there are alternatives to SolidWorks, but we selected it mainly because it is compatible with data we get form the aerospace industry.

best, Bob…