VANET Project

Hi! This project is quite urgent and important so I hope with all my heart you can help me. I have to implement a VANET (Vehicle Ad-hoc network) with Arduino, to avoid obstacles. I thought of making a car with Arduino (4 wheels) that will be controlled by bluetooth through an application on the phone (it will go front, back, left, right) and avoid obstacles (I only thought about the ones in her front). The second car should receive orders from the first car and if the first one goes in front, the second one will go in front. If the first one avoids the obstacle, the second one avoids the obstacole too. Also, cars should keep a constant distance between them. Last but not least, I suspect that machines should transmit data to a server (I have to use raspberry pi). I used Arduino Uno to make the cars. So far I have only verified that the wheels are good, without the application on the phone. If anyone wants the code for that, I send it. It's made with digitalWrite, set pins to High and Low depending on what I need and SoftwareSerial for bluetooth. I will have an Ultrasonic obstacle detection sensor, a HC-05 bluetooth module, the motors are controled with the L298n dual H bridge. Also, I use a 9V battery for suply power. First of all, did I understand VANET well in this case? Secondly, can you help me with any advice, article, pieces of code, guidance? How do I make the second car do what it does first? Any other advice on this project is like heaven for me. Thank you!