Vaporizer Build with LED lighting


I’m new to the arduino community and decided to finally start my project. Just some background - I’m by no means an expert at circuits. My background is in computer science and software engineering so I’m fine with the programming but designing circuits isn’t my strong suit. Any help you guys could provide would be appreciated.

The project: Turning a heat gun into a vaporizer with individual temperature and airflow controls. Additionally I will add an LCD display to view target and current temperatures. I will also add capacitive buttons on the front panel for controlling speed, temperature, LCD display colors, colors/pattern for (4) 6" LED strips, color for 7 LEDs.

Some of the problems I’ve faced in the design:

  1. Different components require different types of power. The heating element and fan/motor use 120VAC. The arduino uses 9VDC, 2A. The individual LEDs and the strips collectively use 5VDC, 4A. To solve this I was thinking of splitting the 120V line into 4 separate circuits: 2 would stay 120V but would be controlled via SSR and Arduino. 1 would be a 5VDC, 10A circuit from a switchable power supply for the LEDs. The last would be 9VDC 1A circuit from a switchable power supply for the Arduino. Is there an alternative way to do this? I’d like to keep the enclosure small but two SSRs, an Arduino with LCD screen, and 2 AC-DC circuits would be ALOT to stuff in a small box.

  2. Controlling Heat Temp and Motor Speed (both 120V). Controlling the heat temperature isn’t too hard. I will be using a thermocoupler and amplifier with the SSR to sense and adjust temperature via feedback. - control via cap-touch. Inspiration: Here. Power to the heating element will be shut on/off consistently to adjust temperature. But how would I adjust the RPM of the motor? Digital potentiometer possibly?

  3. RAM limits from what I’ve been reading, I may run into some RAM issues with this project using an UNO. Any possible work arounds?

I’ve attached a basic flow diagram of how it would work. Please provide input/critique/feedback.


I would suggest to 'hack' a hot air rework station (for de/soldering).

Something like a 852D-2-in-1-Soldering-Re-Work-Station-Solder-Iron-SMD-Hot-Air-Gun

RAM can be an issue but as your "background is in computer science and software engineering" I'm wondering why you ask that question at all, just use less RAM than availabe.

I was trying to avoid hacking an digital heat gun or soldering station and instead use what I have. Also, I'm building a custom enclosure around the components to fit my needs.

In regards to programming, desktop computers and even mobile devices have more leeway when it comes to memory usage. From what I've seen with Arduino thus far the memory constraints are tighter and can be exhausted once you integrate multiple devices. In any case, the RAM constraint isn't what I'm too concerned about. My difficulty lies more so in simplifying the circuit but still accommodating the electrical needs of the components and controlling the fan speed.

I will not stop you reinventig a wheel.

Have fun (and fire-extinguisher and burn ointment ready).