variable current and voltage source


please need help, actualy im working on project that will drive a charge, up to 80 a.

so the idea is to control voltage 10v min 15v max and also control current 10A min 80A max.

the board is uno and i have multiple IRFP460A.

any suggestion about simple schematic diagram?.

thanks a lot

You can control current into a load, you can control voltage across a load, but you can't control both at the same time...

Lots more detail please... Identify all the hardware involved for a start.

Is this for your HHO cell?

Your course of action is to run your power controller in current mode, controlling the level you need, and monitoring the output voltage.
As the output voltage approaches the 10V limit you lower the current level.

So basically you have a variable current source with output voltage limit.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

thanks all fo4 replay,

im building hho carbon cleaner, well electronics and hardware, average knowledge, programme i almost finish it.

first time i was planing to switch on/of via relay, now thinking about arduino drived mosfet for m9re flexibility and accuracy.

find in internet schematic that seems to be good if modified to be driven by arduino.

the question what if we remove the resonance coil and replace the mosfet with more powerfull one like irfp460a?