Variable Frequency and Duty Cycle Square Waveform Generator

Hello, I am working on a project in which i have to develop a square waveform generator with the following parameter.

Frequency 1 - 100 Hz Duty Cycle 0 - 100% Waveform shape:- Square Wave

Kindly guide me how can i accomplish this task. Regards

You could look at the blink without delay example in the IDE (sorry Vaclav)

(strictly speaking, only a 50% duty cycle would be a square wave)

but what about controlling duty cycle.
I have made a simple program using delays to generate a square wave, its generating perfect sq wave,
now working on them to control the duty cycle.
Can you guide me if this technique would be fine.

but what about controlling duty cycle.

very simple - make the "off" time different to the "on" time.