variable is of abstract type

#include <SPI.h>#include <mcp_can.h>
const int spiCSPin = 10;int ledHIGH    = 1;int ledLOW     = 0;
void setup(){    Serial.begin(115200);
    while (CAN_OK != CAN.begin(CAN_500KBPS))    {        Serial.println("CAN BUS init Failed");        delay(100);    }    Serial.println("CAN BUS Shield Init OK!");}
unsigned char stmp[8] = {ledHIGH, 1, 2, 3, ledLOW, 5, 6, 7};    void loop(){     Serial.println("In loop");  CAN.sendMsgBuf(0x43, 0, 8, stmp);  delay(1000);}


I was trying to compile this code. However, I am receiving an error message "cannot declare variable 'CAN' to be of abstract type".

I have downloaded the concerned library for mcp_can.
I have referred this website for this code Arduino MCP2515 CAN Bus Interface Tutorial - CAN Protocol

Kindly help us resolving this issue.

MCP_CAN CAN(spiCSPin); Which physical device do you intend using?

e.g.mcp2518fd CAN(SPI_CS_PIN);

You need to auto format the code and add a few line feeds , that would make it more easily readable too