variable Power Supply

I am looking to make (Unless there is a nice cheap solution) a variable power supply, which I can plug into my mains (230v) and have a chosen output (230-0 both AC and dc). I also hope to integrate the Arduino into the project, by using it to project an lcd display. i am currently completely in the dark about methods used to step down/up voltage (besides basic knowledge of transformers, how they work). I am asking whether this has been done here before? If so can anyone refer me?

If not I look forward to any reply and suggestion on this project (please try to post sufficient detail as to keep me ffrom replying several times :slight_smile: )

Any suggestions?

For variable AC 0-230V Power Supply you can use Variable autotransformers

As for DC 0-230V, what current are you need? how many Amp?

No more than 5 are needed.

At 230V with 5A output that will be more then 1150W,

Here is one of the design using LM317

High voltages of 230V and the available current of several amps can be lethal; exercise caution when building, testing, and using this circuit.