Variable scope

I'm new to coding the ArduinoNEO It looks like if I dimension a variable below the loop() command, it is no longer dimensioned within a for-loop below that.

How can I maintain availability to the data in a variable. Should all the variables be global?

What is a NEO?

A variable is only valid in the function it was declared. To make it valid for all functions declare it at the top of the code before any function.

If you want specific help with your problem please post the code you are having trouble with.

Ahh that would be good - I'll declare everything outside the setup() or loop() for global.

And I think I meant UNO not NEO .. or is it some other TLA ??


Uno isn't an acronym.

'UNO' = 'one' in Italian & in Spanish. :)

¡Ah, sí!