Variable speed MP3 player


I'm looking for a shield (for an UNO), schema or ... to be able to play an MP3 at variable speed. The range I am looking for is 25 .. 400% if possible but 50..200% would allready be great. Pitch should bend so get higher and lower.

The Adafruit Wave shield can do it for wav files, but that means that all mp3's need to be converted (again and again) The trick is adjusting the play - interrupt

Currently I am thinking of buying these as they do a good job playing MP3's but AFAIK the lib has no variable speed. - I might need to tweak timer interrupt here to get it done.

The library gelow has a setPlaySpeed() but only whole factors for fastforward (too rough).

Hi does your project have to use MP3? I have been using the sparkfun Wav Trigger very successfully.

This board only plays as the name suggests wav files but does have an on-board sample rate conversion which allows for smoothly changing playback speed/pitch from 0.5x to 2x. in real-time.

Yes, the user wants to use mp3’s and yes he could convert those to wav but that would introduce an extra step I want to prevent.

Still, thanks for the sparkfun wav trigger tip.