Variable that are longer than unsigned long.

One of my variables is fdco=4,850,000,000. Using the Arduino Uno.
This number is too large for unsigned long (max=2^32)-1=4,294,967,295
I have tried scaling this number but the program gets too messy because then all of the variable must be scaled.
What should I do?

C has a long long type, usually 64 bit.

long long foo;

Don't know if arduino supports it - I don't have my compiler with me.

But is there any reason you can't use a float or double? Numbers that big - it's not often they need to be accurate to the digit.

I don't see long long in the command index.
Let me try your suggestion, float.

I don't see long long in the command index.

That doesn't mean much. There's lots of stuff that's not in the reference that still works.

It appears that the Serial object doesn't like long long, but the data type is supported:

void setup() {

  long long fdco = 4850000000;
  long answer;
  answer = fdco / 1000;
  Serial.println(answer);    // Had to divide it because println() doesn't like long long

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: