I'm making a project, where various flight parameters will be registered and then send via Bluetooth.

I need to make a variometer. I know, there are examples on the internet, but thing is, I will be using analog pressure sensor, connected to Arduino via external ADC. So, the pressure will be calculated mathematically. Is there way to also mathematically calculate the vertical speed from the given pressure? Or do I need more information, not only the pressure?


What IS a Variometer? It was an electronics / radio component in the 1940's

Pressure? Might be rate-of-change of pressure, therefore altitude?

Variometer is a sailplane instrument generally.
Air pressure does change with altitude, hence the ear popping on climbs and descents.
From your private pilot training you should know the formula for determining height based on pressure, change in height over a time period is then vertical speed.

Pressure? Might be rate-of-change of pressure, therefore altitude?

Yes, the change of altitude. But how to convert this to cm/s, for example? Should it with the change of the altitude start measuring time, then the new altitude minus old altitude and this would be divided by the measured timeā€¦? ( - a.old)/t?