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Digikey amazes me. If I order there before 8pm (my local time), Its usually on my desk by ~11am the next day. Thats 2100km, fastest rout. If I add all the intermediate destinations to the map its more like 2700km. It does all of that in 15 hours.

Assuming that the package leaves the moment I place the order, and it spends zero time in customs, that means that the package is travelling at an average speed of 180km/h.

That just blows my mind.

EDIT: Thanks for those slides. Whoever does DigiKeys logistics is a genius.

Thats very interesting about Digikey.

Ten years ago we lived at the southermost tip of Africa in a little village called L'Agulhas, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet ( we now live in Cape Town 250 kM NW of there) It was 93 km down a dead end road off of nearest highway.

RS Components had a deal with a national courier company where they paid a flat rate to deliver anywhere in South Africa, even if it was next door to the warehouse in Cape Town.

I ordered a tiny nylon gear wheel from them and I said they could post it, but the lady said no, we courier everything, so fair enough next day a van drove 250km to the end of Africa with my little gear wheel.

I was reluctant to order again, but when I did the same guy in a van bought the parcel, but this time it was late afternoon, and he had a fishing rod on the roof ! He slept in the van overnight and drove home at first light.

Digikey employees take eight weeks of training before they ever handle an order. Pretty intense.