Various problems, I need help.

My Arduino Uno just arrived a couple of hours ago. The first thing that I did was the Blink project, which worked out fine. Then I made the push button one, in which a LED lights up when you press the button. That one didn't work. When I pressed upload, I got an error. I read that you had to select the port (which, by the way, had worked in the blink project), but Port was grayed out in the menu (it wasn't in the Blink project). I searched again and found out that you had to go to Device Manager and choose the port from there. But, of course, the Port section, where the Arduino was supposed to be, couldn't be found anywhere in the device manager. I tried to install using the Add Legacy Hardware option. I did so, and selected Arduino Uno. But I got the "The device could not start. Code 10." error. So that's where I'm at. I really want to get into the world of electronics and arduino, but up until now, this isn't really fun. Please help?