Varying Output PWM carrier frequency

Is it possible to select a carrier frequency for the PWM output on the Diecimila, or is it just set? I read on the site that the carrier frequency is about 490Hz but for my application I need about a 10 kHz carrier frequency. I want to convert the PWM output to an analog signal through a low-pass filter, and the low pass filter only works with a PWM carrier frequency of about 10 kHz. The analog output of the LPF varies with the duty-cycle of the PWM. Or maybe there's a way to build a different circuit that'll convert the 490 Hz PWM? I hope it's possible to just tell the Diecimila to send out a different carrier frequency though. Any help is much appreciated.

It is possible to change the frequency, but you need to do some low-level configuration (e.g. writing the correct values to certain registers).

There are a few threads that discuss this. See: