Vauxhall Vectra Instrument on a MEGA2560

Hi every one!

I’m new here. i have always wanted to make a car instrument work on the PC. my instrument is from a Vauxhall,Opel Vectra C 2006-2008 instrument witch is related to this CANBUS. i done a lot of research on this CANBUS and whats it all about. I’m planing to buy a CAN-BUS Shield and a MEGA2560 boards off Ebay. does anyone think they will do the trick.i also need a wire diagram if anyone has got one!? i cant find one anywhere and getting quite upset all over this. :disappointed_relieved:

Also there was a guy on Youtube that made a Ford Focus Mk2 instrument work with Dirt 3. i think its works the same like that. all i can i say really i have no experience with a Arduino and haven’t got a clue how to wire up instruments to it. anything that would help me would be much appreciated



There are several Threads about canbus projects.
Get Google to find them for you canbus