VB 2010 +Arduino + CC3000

We're working on a senior project which is controlling a servo motor via VB 2010 wirelessly. i don't know how to communicate with the VB to the arduino + CC3000 wirelessly. I hope you can help us. Thank you!

The WiFi module will expect to talk to a http daemon on the server. Is your VB application going to emulate a http daemon?

Maybe? I have little experience in VB =( Could you help me?

I have little experience in VB =

Then the odds that you can emulate an http daemon are pretty low.

Could you help me?

No. I have little experience with VB (I hate it), and NO desire to acquire any more.

I would not even consider using a WiFi shield for this purpose. I have used XBees quite successfully for this purpose. They are far simpler to set up and configure, infinitely more reliable, and far more secure.

Edit: And cheaper.