vb6, arduino and xbee modules

hi all ,

i would like to know , how to send a reset command from vb6 to arduino uno board , through xbee modules ??

I'm using 2 xbee modules , one is connected to the pc and the other is connected to the arduino board , the problem is once i power on the arduino and the pc,, the serial transmission begins , and the code on the arduino microcontroller is executed , what i need to do is when i start the vb6 application, it send a command to arduino to start its code from the begining

how can i do that ???

please help

how can i do that ???

You can’t. As was mentioned in your other post on the same topic, you send some data to the Arduino, and make the Arduino do something. NOT RESET, but something. You need to determine what that something is so that the Arduino sends the data that you want, when you want it.

It doesn't sound like you need to reset the arduino, just add some code to your sketch to make it wait until it receives a go signal from your VB application. E.g as the last part of your setup function, wait until you receive "go" from the serial port.