VBScript with Windows 7

G'Day Am tring to use the code from the playground timewitharduino.blogspot.com/2009/05/getting-arduino-to-write-to-or-read.html to record the serial from my Uno. But I get a permission denied on the line: - Set com = fso.OpenTextFile("COM6:9600,N,8,1", ForReading) Have admin previlages. Also get a different error if the UNO is not plugged it, so at least getting somewhere. Any ideas?

Even if you have admin privileges, sometimes things won't run unless you use the "run as administrator" trick:


The reason you get a different error when Arduino is not plugged in, is because the serial port is only there when the Arduino board is plugged into the PC's USB port. So as soon as you unplug the Arduino board Window can not see the port.