VCCOUT on arduino Due

Hey, I tried looking around but couldn’t find an answer. Sorry if it this question comes up a lot.

While connecting a Shield to my Arduino Due, I accidentally removed two Capacitors from the device.

I added some pictures, but looking at the PCB the objects I removed where C8 and C17, that are both connected along side a few other capacitors to the ATSAM’s VCCOUT (I added SCH pictures)

I wanted to know how important these capacitors are? Should I worry about the device or any computers that might connect to it? Lastly, could I replace them with any 100nF capacitors I might have ?(I’m not sure I do have, but it might be an option).


Well, the general rule of thumb is that, if a designer puts a part onto a board, they meant for it to be there. So, if you have replacements I would certainly suggest you replace those caps. Within reasonable parameters it is usually OK to replace the caps with some of the same size and value. There are ESR differences but generally little cheapo 0.1uf caps are a dime a dozen and pretty interchangeable. Certainly adding whatever you have is better than having nothing at all. The exact value isn't terribly important either but I wouldn't go too far outside the boundaries. If you have 0.047uf / 47nf caps that will fit then that's better than leaving the caps removed.

But, how important are they? I'd bet that it would work fine without them... usually... 100nF / 0.1uf caps are used for power decoupling and so without them you could see greater voltage spikes and sags than you would otherwise get. Depending on what you do this may or may not come back to bite you.

Really, capacitors are like 3 cents a piece, it pays to find something close and replace them.

Exactly what I wanted to know, Thanks Collin!

Sort of unrelated, but whats with the new power supply on your Due there?

Looks like no more standard LM2734 switching power supply? Just that one IC, and a couple capacitors?

Anyone know anything about it?