VDD GND and a Red wire

I just bought a used joystick for $3 and when I opened it there were 9 wires.
a black one labelled - GND
a green one labelled - VDD
1 red (which I believe is V+)
and 6 other various colored wires with no Label.

the red is NOT labelled but its right next to the black and red is usually red for a reason.
but if Red is the voltage source and black is ground what do I need a green GND wire for?

Your DVM can show you the resistance between wires, so you can figure out what each wire is for. Is your joystick using dual post or is it switches?


thanks for your reply,
I used my DVM and figured out what each wire did.
the Joystick's down arrow affected multiple wires output voltage.
other than Red-Black-Green only the GRAY could not be tied to any button on the device.

opening it up I found they were all buttons and the joystick's down button was short-circuit fried or playing twister with the others and was not working properly while the Gray wire did nothing. So I assumed the Gray wire was supposed to be the Joystick's down contact.

5 different colored wires affected the voltage from 5 to 3.5 whenever I closed the Joystick's down button.

after some trial and error. I ran a wire from the down button's contact to the Gray wire then the down Joystick tripped all those other wires it was doing the tango with.

so, I scratched out the board's conductors (except for the V+ & Ground) and ran wires to everything (used the green VDD wire as an extra button) then used

pinMode(pinWhatever, INPUT_PULLUP) [\code]

for all my Joystick wires and closed it up.

works fine.

but now I realize that the PULLUP part of my code means I don't actually need 5V running to my joystick so I'm thinking of using the RED wire as another button but since I've got a dozen Load-Registers coming in the mail I'll probably wait for them to arrive and fix myself something better later.

thank you for your interest.