I am using VDIP2 module. I have configured my module in SPI mode using Atmega 16 but the module fails to detect my flash drive. How will I come to know when my module detects the flash drive as LED's are not turning on after connection?Also can you please give me step by step procedure to update the firmware using the flash drive?

What's a VDIP2? Link please?

What processor/board are you using? (eg. Arduino Uno)

What code?

What LEDs?

What firmware?

Sir, VDIP2 is the module of FTDI which enables it to be connected to USB two flash drives. I am using an Atmega 16 development board. The module is shipped as a blank device and hence needs to be loaded with its firmware. I am using VDFC firmware available on the FTDI website.Here is the link of VDIP2 datasheet:- http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/DataSheets/Modules/DS_VDIP2.pdf.

The module has two LED's to indicate whether a device is connected or not...