VDRIVE2 interfacing

Hi, I am working on my first project which will be a datalogger. So far so good I have now the Temperature signals up and running ::). But I'm searching for an easy method to save the data over a long period in time. Finally I came to the VDRIVE2. Unfortunately I am not that of an expert to read the datasheet how to send data to the drive and I couldn't find something on the web (may I am not smart enough to use it properly) . Is it a simple "Serial.print("send data")" command? How to define the filename?

May someone can explain me or give me a hint where to find sample code to get a start...



There's an example written for a PIC here: http://www.vinculum.com/downloads/samples/vpic-hello.zip

Looks fairly straightforward to translate; probably easiest to use SPI - just ignore the low-level stuff in the 'C' source.