Vechile GSM based Anti Theft security system

Hi All,

Basically i dont have knowledge on electronic components. I have build this GSM based anti theft security system referring many tutorials, forum etc. If i am wrong anywhere in the circuit or the Arduino sketch i apologize.

Below are the components i have used for this device.

  1. Arduino Nano
  2. Vibrate Sensor - SW 420
  3. Tilt Sensor - ADXL345
  4. 12v Relay - 1
  5. 5v Relay - 2

Working functions of the device: ( Designed for My Bike. )

  1. When the Vehicle ignition is powered off the Switch used to power on the device turns on using the 12v Relay NC pins.

  2. I have set 60 Seconds delay for the device to get activate.

  3. Once the device is activated it reads the current X axis position using the Tilt sensor.

Condition 1 : In each loop it checks for any vibration or tilt value change. And if it senses a vibration range more than 8000 or if the bike is been tilted from its position, then the SendMessage() function is called. Which actually sends a sms to the register mobile number.

The device wait for next 60 Second to see if any vibration or tilt value change is triggered. If no then the program is reset and starts from the loop() function.

Condition 2 : If the device detect any vibration or tilt value change within 60 Seconds of the 1st vibration or tilt value change, Then a CallOwner() function is called. which calls the registered mobile number.

At this phase the Backup relay which is used to power on the device is turned on from Arduino signal. As this device actually powers on from the ignition key relay NC and if in case the thief tried to direct the ignition or if he tries to put a key to turn on the ignition the device actually shuts off.

Post this phase the device wait for a incoming message from with a keyword “STOP” to cut-off the Bike Kill switch circuit or fuse circuit. Once then Kill switch relay is cut-off it waits from 25 Minutes to auto turn-on or by receiving a message with keyword “START”.

Once the device completes this phase the program starts from loop() function again.

The device works perfectly as explained above. But i am not sure about checking the battery consumption. Is there any way to reduce the battery consumption. Please help. Attaching the circuit diagram.

If your Arduino is 'on' permanently then it will draw power continuously.

Better would be to put the Arduino in 'sleep mode' and only wake up when an external event took place (eg the bike was moved off its resting position).

More details here (from this site)