vegetable midi interface

For the interactive sculpture class im following im planning on building a vegetable midi interface.

project: It's going to consist of a board with a 8x8 matrix of spikes connected to an arduino mega to trigger/alter a soundscape in ableton. I would like the mega to sense the resistence between all the spikes and generate a midi cc message. Throwing vegetables at the board will make new music :D.

what ive done so far: Coded and tested the mega with 8 potentiometers to send midi cc. 5v-->potato-->analog0. I used the same midi code and got some results but there was a ridiculous amount of noise. Read into capacitative sensing, but I think it's not going to be accurate enough.

I need to find some way of eliminating the noise and make it more accurate.

Suggestions are very welcome.


try 5v-->potato-->analog0>100K>ground

also add a 0.1uF capacitor from the arduino analogue input to ground


Is that correct for all root vegetables, or just tubers? ;D

This is the most original project I've seen in a while.

How did you come up with it? Make a MadLib?

It is a noun that controls noun when a person __verb with "s" __ a noun at it.

thanks for the reply's!

grumpy mike: aha :), I was thinking about this but tried to put the resistor inbetween the potato and the analog pin. Your way makes more sense.

richard crowley: An analog lowpassfilter seems the way to go. Im really new to programming so I dont understand yet how to do this in software.

sciguy: I can't claim all the fame, somewhere in my internetsearching for synthesizer builds I saw a guy using a potato between 2 spikes for control voltage. Associative thinking did the rest. I've always liked sculptures wich work intuative and produce strange new results.

The thing im most worried about is the time pressure, I've only got 2 more weeks to finish it and it's just one of several projects im working on. Im not sure yet if I should make the board into segments or just use the average resistance of all the pins. some kind of sequencer would be really cool, potato for kicks, onion for snare, and so on. This would greatly simplify the design by just using 16 pins and 16 5v and just calculate the resistance for each step. But this will cut out my favorite step, throwing food!

I guess I have some thinking to do