Vehicle instrument gauge display advice

Hello all-
This is my first post on here. I'm working on a rather complex project (for a beginner like myself) where I'm building a gauge display older, pre-electronic vehicles with the Arduino Mega. Right now I'm developing one for my truck, then I may sell customized ones to enthusiasts.

I'm just getting started with arduino and I have a lot to learn. If there are any tutorials or educational materials I should read before jumping in, feel free to guide me.

I'm making good progress with all of the sensors and such, but I'm going to want to upgrade soon from my 20x4 character display to a 5" or 7" TFT display. I'm looking for advice on which display and shield might be best.

The three I've seen most often are:
4dsystems- simple but prohibitively expensive
RA8875 based displays- sold on Adafruit or BuyDisplay
SSD1963 based displays- sold on BuyDisplay

I'm going to need a display that doesn't take up too many pins though- I'm using at least 10 analog and 10 digital pins for the sensors. The speed of the display isn't too vital as I the gauges will only refresh a small portion of the screen (I assume this is the best way to do it.)

Thanks for the help!

Most of the larger format displays are 16 bit parallel interfaces. The usual method to interface is with a standard shield such as this:

BuyDisplay will build you an SPI interface board (4 wire) but with a Mega you will probably not be happy with the performance.

Shop carefully, the overall performance you get will be a function of your processor speed, interface method and the graphics library you use. The library is the biggest variable as the first two are hardware numbers, the library is all software and it can be a significant performance bottleneck.

the basic simple displays have multiple pins to be connected to Arduino but others like 12864 have brains so you can send serial data thus only two pins used up. You need to research the displays you want. If you visit The Robotshop web site you will find all kinds of sensors, shields, displays, motors, drivers etc. its a grocery store for electronics, robotics, Arduino and others. The nice thing is if you pick a certain part, board whatever usually they have a pdf on the specs and use of that product and a great company to deal with. Another search topic is automotive Arduino. It seems what you are trying to do is give you 57 Chev a 2017 Camaro dash digital speedo

Thank you both for your help!

Would it be wise to switch to the Due? The only limitation I can see is that it goes from 16 analog inputs to 12, but since I'm using 10 I might be ok (as long as the display doesn't need more).

If I stick with the mega, have people generally had good luck with SainSmart displays? Their name seems to pop up everywhere and there looks to be a number of libraries and support.

Rogertee- thanks for the search suggestion. That was a word combo I (somehow) had not tried and I got some great links and tutorials.

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google nextion arduino

These displays are built for your type of application, but not sure of the communication lines.

Most of the screen graphics with some models can be programmed into the display, its own IDE, which leaves more free memory in your Arduino.

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