Vehicle telemetry


I am from a formula student team, we are looking into building a telemetry unit for our vehicle to be used in the Formula student 2017 competition.

What we are trying to do is LOG data on a SD card from different parts of the vehicle and send the data over GSM to out laptops as well to help us make appropriate decisions during races.

We face 1 major problem in doing this, our engineers have determined we need data from about 180 sensors to make educated decisions about the car.

I was wondering if it was possible to send data from multiple arduinos to the same web-server ?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

You face more than one major problem. 180 sensors will require 180/n arduinos to service them, where n might range from 4 to 8. Then there would be the 180/n communications channels.

Then, there is the problem of someone looking at 180 data streams and trying to make an intelligent decision in a minute or two.

Why use Arduinos simply to pass on data? Why not use them to actually make some decisions so the human only has to look at the important data?


180 sensors? Just out of curiosity, what could you be measuring?